Welcome to all prospective families! We love our school and the nurturing and healthy environment a small Kindergarten to Grade 3 Annex can offer.

Questions about French Immersion in general? See Vancouver School Board’s French Immersion FAQs.

What’s special about Queen Elizabeth Annex?

We are a small early French immersion school with 1 class per grade, for Kindergarten to Grade 3, and around 70 students total.

For the size of our school, we have a relatively large outdoor area. QEA has a small forest on its grounds for play and learning and a large playing field. The school grounds abut Pacific Spirit Park and Chaldecott Park, and many classes go for walks to the nearby bog.

Students have a great opportunity for early French immersion at Queen Elizabeth Annex school before continuing their education at the larger sister school Jules Quesnel.

QEA is also home to a well established, cross-classroom garden program. Throughout the year, students of all grades are welcome to participate in a weekly, lunchtime garden club. Annual harvests and school wide garden parties, where students eat and share a nutritious meal of garden produce, are also highlights of this program.

Q: How is QEA different or similar to EJQ?

Queen Elizabeth Annex has 60-80 students for primary years only, Kindergarten to Grade 3. In Grade 4, QEA students move onto Jules Quesnel and join their Grade 4 cohort. The smaller group environment at QEA gives children a nurturing and healthy community to develop relationships between grades and give parents a better opportunity to be involved with their children’s classroom learning and development.

Q: How long is the waitlist for Queen Elizabeth Annex?

A: The wait list grows and shrinks, depending on the time of year. In general, students who pick QEA as their #1 choice receive a spot, and in 2019/2020 virtually all students who applied to QEA were offered a spot.

Did you know that students can start early French immersion in Grade 1? If your child was unable to get a spot for Kindergarten, chances are high for Grade 1 as Grade 1 class sizes can be larger than K classes.

Q: What after school care options are there for QEA students?

A: There are three options currently available for QEA students, and we are always advocating for more:

After school care (full time)
Two after-school care facilities currently pick up from QEA:

Queen Elizabeth Daycare (Dunbar-Queen Elizabeth After School Care)
Location: Queen Elizabeth Elementary – 4102 West 16th Avenue
Phone: 604-224-1125
After school care 3:00-6:00 PM, 5 days a week, plus Pro-D Days and holidays available.
Serves Queen Elizabeth Annex, Ecole Jules Quesnel and Queen Elizabeth Elementary.
Phone or visit them in person to get on their waitlist and learn more.

Dunbar Kid’s Club (Kit’s House)
Location: Immaculate Conception Parish Hall – 3778 West 28th Avenue
Phone: 604-736-3588 x 130
After school care 3:00-6:00 PM, 5 days a week, plus Pro-D Days and holidays available.
Serves Queen Elizabeth Annex and Immaculate Conception Catholic School.
Visit the Kits House front desk (2305 West 7th Ave) to get on their waitlist and learn more.

After school classes (part time)
There are currently two after school classes that are organized at QEA, and we are always on the look-out for more:

Arts Umbrella Drawing and Painting – Tuesdays 3:00-4:15pm artsumbrella.com (waitlist)

Robotics Camp – Fridays 3:00-4:10pm- Grade 1,2,3 tomorrowsplayground.com/qea

We created a new Facebook group where parents can get in touch with each other to organize after school care, play dates, carpooling and more. Join the group and connect with other parents.

Q: Is QEA closing?

A: There are no plans to close Queen Elizabeth Annex.

The current Draft Long Range Facilities Plan for the Vancouver School Board (VSB) does not recommend the closure of any schools in Vancouver. In Fall 2019, the VSB recommended consideration of closing QEA to lease the land to another school board for a new school, but the Vancouver Board of Education Trustees voted not to proceed with the consideration.
In 2020, the VSB plans to create an educational vision for the district. As part of this vision, we expect to see transparent growth projections that reflect the current planned development projects in the area (including UBC, Lelem, Dunbar and Jericho Lands) and an updated Long Range Facilities Plan that transparently outlines how, where and when this increased demand will be met.

Still have a question we haven’t answered? Get in touch: qea.parents@gmail.com