Through your generous donations, the direct appeal for 2020 was able to raise $3,650.00 That is far and above our goal! Your generosity is very much appreciated and will go a long way to supporting programming for our children in the coming year. Un grand merci!

The direct appeal is the major annual PAC fundraiser. Fundraising goals are based on discussions with parents, and consultation with teachers, principals and staff. Our school PAC (Parent Advisory Council) asks for direct appeal donations once a year so as to not burden you with repeated requests and constant fundraising.

We have been lucky in that most of our desired experiences from the past have been able to adapt their delivery model to fit with COVID protocols. The following is a list of how we are hoping to use your generous donations:

  • Start-up fund for this/next year (i.e. money in the bank)
  • Pumpkin patch and Halloween celebration (at QEA)
  • Dancepla3y week long physical literacy program (at QEA)
  • Vancouver Aquarium Aquabus (at QEA)
  • Vancouver Symphony Orchestra (online concert)
  • Support for the Garden program
  • Grouse Outreach Program (at QEA)
  • Saleema Noon (sexual health educator) program

While any amount is appreciated, a donation of $75 per family is suggested. This will work towards our $2,500 goal for the 2021-2022 school year. The deadline for donations is November 1st, 2021.

Please note that all donations over $25 qualify for a tax receipt.

Donations can be made through Please follow these directions to ensure donations will be allocated to Queen Elizabeth Annex:

  1. Sign in
  2. Press the button “Make A Donation”
  3. Under the “Gift Information”, enter amount
  4. From the “Fund Destination” drop down menu, select
    “AN – Queen Elizabeth Annex PAC”
  5. Under the header “Message to School Board”, write in the message optional box: “Direct Appeal Donation”
  6. Add item to cart and proceed with purchase

Thank you in advance for your support!