Each class has 1-2 class parent(s) who play an important role in communicating between parents, teachers, administration and PAC. Thanks to all the Class Parents for all your valuable work!

Class Parent role description:

The Class Parent plays a very important role as a key point of contact between the parents in the class and the teacher, administration and PAC. They provide critical support to our classroom teachers and act as a point person for parents in the class. Choosing to take on this role offers a great opportunity to be involved in the school and meet other parents.

The following are the responsibilities and duties expected of the Class Parent: 

  • Introduce yourself to your division to let them know that you are the Class Parent.
  • Set up a class list to be shared with the parents. Using an online form like Google Docs may be helpful. Nancy (reception) will provide you with the emails of all the parents. Please use this confidential list to ask parents if they are willing to be included on a publicized class list with their contact information. Some parents may consider sharing additional information such as addresses, student birthdates, etc. should they choose. Some may prefer to keep their contact information confidential (in these cases, their email cannot be released to the other class parents in any email messages – use BCC)
  • Arrange a meeting with the teacher to discuss the expectations and wishes from the Class Parent. It is helpful for the teacher and class parent to meet so that expectations are clear from the start. It is helpful to exchange appropriate contact information to facilitate communication throughout the year. Depending on the teacher, some of the duties may involve the following:
    • Help contact any families who are due to hand in forms/money for any upcoming events
    • Organize field trips by collecting forms and money where applicable
    • Reaching out to parents to encourage volunteers or arranging carpooling to an event
    • Helping to arrange class parties and putting together a signup for potluck either online or outside the classroom
    • Setting up volunteers to help with crafts or projects in the classroom.
  • An important role is to disseminate information from PAC. You will be sent occasional emails to send to your class. Please forward this information to the parents as soon as possible. Time is often of the essence. Feel free to add your own title or introduction to encourage parent participation, as needed. 
  • Attend PAC meetings as much as possible. Communicate any relevant information to/from your class.
  • Help to recruit volunteers and encourage all parents to get involved with their child’s class and the school. Often, people are willing to help out when asked. This is particularly important for the Spring Fling. Each division will be in charge of a portion of the event. The Class Parent will be in charge of the volunteers for their portion. 
  • Organize a parent social(s). Some suggested ideas are park family BBQs, parent pub nights or morning coffee gatherings. 
  • Arrange a signed card from parents and a group gift or gift card for the teacher for both Christmas and end-of-year. (See Teacher Gift protocol below)

Grade 3 Class Parent:

Will be in charge of organizing or finding someone to organize the grade 3 graduation ceremony and year-end events. 

Teacher Gift Protocol: 

Queen Elizabeth Annex has a tradition of parents and children showing their appreciation for the teachers with a Christmas and year-end gift. The PAC proposes a $10/child per division suggestion. Alternatively, class parents may want to consider recommending $20 for the year to avoid collecting twice. Families are always welcome to do a personal gift. Please remember this is optional and parents may choose not to participate. 

Parent Complaint Protocol:

Should any Class Parent receive a written or verbal complaint or concern from a parent or guardian regarding any aspect of the school, administration, or PAC as a whole, we ask that you please acknowledge this complaint and if received in writing it is to be forwarded to the Vice Principal and PAC Chair. If a verbal complaint or concern is received, the parent or guardian should be encouraged to speak to the Vice Principal or PAC Chair directly. 

Should any Class Parent receive a written or verbal complaint or concern from a parent or guardian regarding any aspect of a classroom or teacher, please encourage the parent or guardian to speak to the teacher directly. If the complaint or concern is not resolved, the parent or guardian should go to the Vice Principal and are encouraged to also speak with the PAC Chair regarding the concern.